• BTCPay Server has added a CoinJoin plugin to its merchants, allowing them to retain privacy while managing their stores.
• The plugin includes payment batching in CoinJoin feature and a coin selection interface that lets merchants spend their coins based on their gained anonymity scores.
• Merchants can choose to CoinJoin for a fee with a coordinator provided by zkSNACKs or spin up their own CoinJoin coordinators using Wasabi Wallet’s WabiSabi CoinJoin protocol.

BTCPay Server Adds CoinJoin Plugin

BTCPay Server, the popular Bitcoin payment processing software, has added an optional CoinJoin plugin for its merchants. This will allow them to retain privacy when managing their stores and enhance the privacy of payments made through the platform.

Features of the Plugin

The new plugin includes several features that enable merchants to take full advantage of this privacy-enhancing tool for Bitcoin transactions. It comes with a payment batching in CoinJoin feature which allows users to pay addresses directly within a single transaction, saving block space and enhancing privacy compared to making payments in two steps. Furthermore, it also offers a coin selection interface that lets merchants spend coins based on their gained anonymity scores.

CoinJoins with Coordinator or Own Coordinator

Merchants can choose to use a coordinator provided by zkSNACKs when performing a CoinJoin transaction, or they can spin up their own coordinators using the Wasabi Wallet’s WabiSabi CoinJoint protocol for free. If users run their own coordinator, there is an optional revenue sharing option available that donates part of the proceeds received from transactions to HRF and OpenSats foundations.

Dashboard To Assess Level Of Privacy

The dashboard included in the BTCPay Server Plugin gives users insight into the level of privacy of their wallets as well as details on current and past CoinJoint transactions they have participated in. This allows them to gain more control over coin selection both in and out of these transactions.


Bitcoin payment processing software BTCPay server has introduced an optional coinjoin plugin which provides enhanced privacy features for its customers when making payments through its platform. Customers can choose between using a third-party coordinator provided by zkSNACKs or spinning up their own coordinator using Wasabi Wallet’s WabiSabi code join protocol at no extra cost; furthermore there is also an optional revenue sharing feature if customers opt for running their own coordinator which donates part of proceeds received from these transactions towards charitable causes such as HRF & OpenSats foundations

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