• Cardano’s ADA struggles to recover above the $0.40 resistance
• It faces a crucial bearish trend line with resistance near $0.395 on the 4-hour chart
• A daily close above the $0.4185 level is needed for a steady increase

ADA Price Consolidating Above Support

Cardano’s ADA price is consolidating above the $0.378 support zone, and it needs to clear the $0.395 and $0.40 resistances in order to avoid a significant downside break.

Bullish Breakout Needed To Avoid Major Downturn

The price must clear the critical bearish trend line with resistance near $0.395 on its 4-hour chart before it can start its recovery rally. In addition, it needs to close above the key resistance of $0.4185 in order to build momentum for a steady upside move.

Bearish Scenario If Resistance Holds

If ADA fails to break out of the current resistance levels, it could take a major hit and resume its decline below the support at around $0.378. This could result in further losses in price towards key supports at around $0.380 and even as low as around $0.350 eventually if this downward momentum continues further lower into bear territory without any signs of recovery or bullish reversal signals being triggered anytime soon after that initial downtrending move has been completed and confirmed by trading activity over multiple time frames such as daily, 4-hourly etc.,

Critical Resistance Levels To Watch Out For

The main resistance levels that traders need to be aware of are those at around 0$.395 and then again at 0$.4185 which if broken successfully can trigger further upside moves towards targets like 0$.430 and even higher than that up until 0$.50 if bullish sentiment takes over significantly enough during this period of consolidation and breakout attempts from current levels till future ones..


Overall, Cardano’s ADA needs to penetrate through certain key resistances such as those mentioned earlier in order for it to begin a steady recovery process away from its recent downturns against USD dollar value wise while also avoiding any kind of major downside breaks going forward which could happen if these aforementioned resistances hold strong despite continuous attempts made by bulls trying their best to push prices northwards again after some periods of sideways movement or slight declines recently seen within short durations post highs encountered recently too

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